Shading System compatibilitY

  • H300 Pocket

Spring Assist Mechanism

Part Numbers:

SA15W-L (For 1.5” Tube, Drive Left)

SA15W-R (For 1.5” Tube, Drive Right)

SA20W-L (For 2” Tube, Drive Left)

SA20W-R (For 2” Tube, Drive Left)

Operating a Manual Shade by pulling the Drive Chain may require significant effort, and upgrading to motorization can become expensive. With our brand new Spring Assist Mechanism (SAM) you can have a cost-effective option for operating even the largest shades with ease.  Mounted inside the tube and attached to the clutch, this pre-wound spring can reduce the required pulling force necessary to operate the shade by up to 50%. With the new WT Shade SAM, operating your shades has never been easier!


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  • Ideal for use with overly large shades or shades with heavy fabrics.
  • Available for Drive Right or Drive Left shades.
  • Spring ends are colored for easy identification:
    RED = for Drive Right (Regular Roll)
    LIME = for Drive Left (Regular Roll)
  • Attaches to the Clutch at the Drive Side of the shade.
  • SAM is compatible with all H200 and H300 manual clutch Shading Systems.
  • Minimum required Shading System Width: 37½”
  • Comes pre-wound inside the Roller Tube, eliminating the need for complicated installations.
  • Simple retrofit to existing H200 and H300 manual clutch Shading Systems with a single screw attachment.