4.5” Rear Fascia

Part Numbers:

RH45-10 (White)

RH45-04 (Ivory)

RH45-20 (Silver)

RH45-50 (Bronze)

RH45-90 (Black)

Fascia is a decorative cover that hooks onto a SoloMount bracket to hide the shading hardware from view.

This fascia is used for rear applications for regular roll shades or front applications for reverse roll shades.

Since it requires no tools to install, fascia can be ordered with your shading system or added any time after installation.


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  • Content: Aluminum Alloy
  • Can be cut to size or shipped in full length pieces
  • Available in five colors.
  • Samples of this product are available in White (-10) only. For the additional finish options, please refer to our Aluminum Color Chip samples.